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Beam calculation (analysis) for strength online - curves Mx, Qy, Mtor, N, finding the maximal bending moment Mx, maximal moving force Qy. Statically indeterminable beams can be calculated too!!. All is easy! For Free!

FEA online. Truss, frame, beam analysis (calculation) for strength online - reactions, curves M, Q, M, N.

Tensile strength test

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Strength of materials or strengths. It is believed that strengths is one of the most difficult of junior rates. I am always glad to help both students and professionals. Site receives many requests for help with calculations every day, and I am glad to help You. A long time I refused orders, but the tasks were to bring pleasure at one moment :).
There are two programs for the calculation of beams online on this site.


СОПРОМАТ (sopromat) is a russian slang word and it means STRENGTH OF MATERIALS.

I'm russian. That is why I'm sorry for my bad english language :).

How can this site help you?

1) Java 2 ME application Mobile Beam for Your mobile phone can help to calculate the beam.

2) Using Web browser or mobile browser Opera Mini You can calculate any beam at this site.

3) Using Web browser You can calculate any frame, beam at this site.



NEW Mobile Beam 1.6
Compute the beam using your mobile phone. New features...

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