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Beam calculation (analysis) for strength online - curves Mx, Qy, Mtor, N, finding the maximal bending moment Mx, maximal moving force Qy. Statically indeterminable beams can be calculated too!!. All is easy! For Free!

FEA online. Truss, frame, beam analysis (calculation) for strength online - reactions, curves M, Q, M, N.

Tensile strength test

Software (downloads) - useful programs (diagrams, calculators, etc).

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Little about the project

The experimental project was started in late 2004 and early 2005 had already appeared "Strength of Materials Online" at, that is, at this place.

Mission of the project is assistance in the field of Strength of Materials, design, design for everyone. I am glad to help both students (there is no student technical specialty than passes Strength of Materials) and professionals.

Originally the site was created exclusively for non-commercial purposes, but soon it was revised, which has accelerated its development.

Combining the engineering structures of the different countries - that's what We need. As the saying goes in Russia "one head is good, and two is better."

I hope that this site helps you to find new ideas.

Dmitry Terekhov.

Mobile: +79676969294, Dmitry.



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