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Beam calculation (analysis) for strength online - curves Mx, Qy, Mtor, N, finding the maximal bending moment Mx, maximal moving force Qy. Statically indeterminable beams can be calculated too!!. All is easy! For Free!

FEA online. Truss, frame, beam analysis (calculation) for strength online - reactions, curves M, Q, M, N.

Tensile strength test

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Mobile Beam 1.6

About this program (application)

See screenshots.

This is a program for the calculations of beams of any complexity for your mobile phone.

The calculation is performed only statically definable beams.

The program includes the following functions:
- reactions of supports
- curve Qy
- curve Mx
- curve N
- curve Mtor
- selection of cross-sections taking into account the condition of bending strength

Mobile Beam forum

Differences between the previous version 1.4

- removed hidden flaws
- the bug when selecting the type of support was fixed
- improved activation. If the program is free, it goes without activation code

Differences between the previous version 1.3

- critical bugs were fixes
- curve N was added
- curve Mtor was added
- small refinement

Requirements to mobile phone.

- support for Java (MIDP 2.0) applications
- GPRS or another Internet connection
- the required amount of memory

How to install and start the application?

For installation, you must copy the following files to the mobile phone and then run this files (latest English version).

MobileBeam.jad (download)
MobileBeam.jar (download)

CAUTION! To activate the program will need to connect GPRS. Activated program is not require Internet connection.

The program will ask for activation code at the first start only. And never again!

How to get the activation code?

You can buy activation code here.

Only $10.00 today!

License Agreement

Copyright © Dmitry Terekhov, 2006-2023.
Do not copy the application. Download latest version from this official site of the program.



NEW Mobile Beam 1.6
Compute the beam using your mobile phone. New features...

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