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Beam calculation (analysis) for strength online - curves Mx, Qy, Mtor, N, finding the maximal bending moment Mx, maximal moving force Qy. Statically indeterminable beams can be calculated too!!. All is easy! For Free!

FEA online. Truss, frame, beam analysis (calculation) for strength online - reactions, curves M, Q, M, N.

Tensile strength test

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Subprojects and joint projects - Site dedicated to the theoretical (technical) mechanics. The main content - is ready tasks of the various collections. Only Russian Language. - Online store. Theoretical mechanics from the collections of S. Targ. Only Russian Language. - ambitious project has no analogues, is devoted to reducers calculations online. Now the calculation of gears can be done in 3 minutes, receiving very good explanatory note + gearbox drawings (assembly + parts 7-9). On-line program takes into account all the recommendations of the book written by Lelikov & Dunayev



NEW Mobile Beam 1.6
Compute the beam using your mobile phone. New features...

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