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Beam calculation (analysis) for strength online - curves Mx, Qy, Mtor, N, finding the maximal bending moment Mx, maximal moving force Qy. Statically indeterminable beams can be calculated too!!. All is easy! For Free!

FEA online. Truss, frame, beam analysis (calculation) for strength online - reactions, curves M, Q, M, N.

Tensile strength test

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Help. Beam calculations online. Version 2008.


    1. Algorithm for computing based on the classical method of forces.
    2. Calculation of linear systems is performed by a theorem of Cramer.
    3. Local moments at the diagrams of Mx accounted using machine-building rules.

Filling the data:

    1. Pay attention to signs of concentrated moments. If you do not understand the meaning of the sign of the moment, we recommend trying the program has already been solved earlier and is correct at 100% (for your requirements) problem.
    2. Be careful.

Filling the data:

    1. If you have fractional lengths, moments of forces or distributed loads, use the sign of point (not commas).
    2. Be careful.

Minimal knowledge:

    You should be able to distinguish between statically determinate system and the statically indeterminate. In statically determinate stable beams must be exactly two reactions of the supports. If the reaction is more, the system is statically indeterminate, otherwise - it is unstable.
    It is also necessary to understand how errors can result in record moments with the opposite sign. As mentioned above on this page Local moments at the diagrams of Mx accounted using machine-building rules. For example, this means that if we expect the reaction, the clockwise local moment is positive.


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